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Series Info
Series Info

The Can-Am Stock Super Stock Series has an exciting list of sponsors.

At the end of the year, Top Ten Points finishers will have a chance to draw for a prize from one of our sponsors:

Can-Am Series History

The series was formed in 1996 by racers looking for a fun and competitive alternative to races run by the NHRA or IHRA. A committee was formed to organize a schedule and sponsors.
A $125 registration fee is charged to collect points and a racers best 5 events are counted. The series culminates with a banquet brunch where monetary awards and prizes are given out. The tenth place finisher is guaranteed his $125 back.

Races are often run as back to back events on weekends and are run by a host racer, who often provide dinner for our racers and their families. Post-race Saturdays are relaxing evenings of visiting between racers.

Any IHRA or NHRA Stock or Super Stock car can be run, with the exception of IHRA Pure Stock.

Interested in joining? Contact Smith Performance