Rear End Housings

Rear End Housings

  • from $1195.00

    The best direct bolt-in replacement rear end housing on the market. For ‘82 – ‘92 and ‘93 – ‘01 “F” bodied GM cars. We have tried them all and this is the best!
    This housing features a finely cast 12 bolt centre section with beefy casting lugs for torque arm mounting. The centre section is accurately machined on CNC mills. 3” chrome moly axle tubes are pressed and heliarc welded to the housing. Large bearing (Olds and big Ford style) housing ends are jig welded on axle centre lines. New factory GM mounts for control arms, spring pads and shocks are jig located and heliarced in place. New GM backing plates are machined for bolt-on drum brake applications. This housing features much more . . . it is the best!

    Available in 2 standard widths. As well, custom widths are available on special order. Fits ‘82 – ‘92 and ‘93 – ‘01 Camaro and Firebird. Available with Strange or Mark Williams axles. Available completely assembled with spool, your choice of gears, brakes asembled, etc. Please call for quote.

  • $249.00 Pr

    Race only, redesigned bolt-in motor mounts for 1993-2002 “F” bodies. These lightweight chrome moly mounts are heliarc welded for strength and ease in changing and finding engine location using stock side mount bolt holes.

    Available for LT1 and LS1. Please specify V6 or V8 K-Member, as well as engine cradle used (ex: V6, V8, LS1).

    Also available in unwelded kit form.