New Products

New Products

New Products
  • $320.00

    Professional brake line kit contains all the necessary lines, fittings to plumb the brakes for your race car from the master cylinder to the wheels. Kit includes 25 ft of 3/16″ hard line, four pre-made teflon lined braided flex lines, -3 AN bulkhead fittings, weld tabs, -3 AN tube nuts and sleeves, necessary adapter fittings, adel line clamps and instructions. Kit also contains Wilwood adjustable proportioning valve and T.C.I. roll stop/line lock and necessary fittings.

  • $465.00/pr

    Special to Cavalier and Sunfire are these offset lightweight bolt-in strut mounts designed to locate GT strut for correct caster and camber and wheel offset. NHRA approved and bolt in to factory strut tower location. The kit comes complete with spherical locating balls and all hardware to mount GT strut to strut tower. “NEW” is the spherical upper ball mounts used for increased location accuracy and zero bind throughout the full strut travel. Upper cup doubles as upper spring locator.

  • $59.00

    Solve the tendency for all 3-speed transmissions to push oil out the breather on gear changes during a run. These breather tanks were deisgned and tested by F.J. and are made of spun aluminum with a welded mounting bracket. They come complete with vent, drain and hose fittings. Solve your trans overflow problem and keep your car clean. “The part sanctioning bodies haven’t yet made mandatory.”

  • All New!

    Weighing just two pounds, these A-arms are constructed of chrome moly tubing for

    maximum strength. Save about 6 pounds of important front-end and unsprung weight by replacing your stock A-Arms with superior tubular ones.
    The compact design and adjustable Teflon-lined rod ends combine for smooth, accurate movement.
    Built in our own jigs these make stock replacement easy. Their bolt-in design fit existing frame sections and enable you to update your race car to take advantage of the new NHRA/IHRA Super Stock rules.
    The A-Arms come powder coated complete with all hardware & spacers for assembly.

    Available for: ’91 Calais, ’92-’98 Achieva, ’96-’98 Grand Am, ’99-’04 Grand Am/Alero, ‘95- ’05 Cavalier/Sunfire
    Please specify application when ordering

  • Equal Length 4-Link
    Unequal Length 4-Link

    Now you can buy our S.P.S. designed and fabricated 4-Link in kit form. Used successfully in hundreds of S.P.S. built Super Stock cars, now you can purchase our 4-Link components. Brackets are full 1/4″ think steel laser cut to our design with 5/8″ holes. Kit includes 1 1/4″ x .095″ chrome moly links, left and right hand weld ends, precision teflon lined rod ends, jam nuts, grade 8 hardware. Kit comes with suggested drawings, instructions. Can be purchased with NAS hardware, chrome moly rod ends, and welded link bars.

  • from $259.00

    Welded kit to retrofit your Calais, Achieva, Grand Am. Bolt in chrome moly bar, precision caged needle bearing rollers (left and right), chrome moly rod ends, chrome moly links, all hardware and mounting instructions.
    Have a particular application in mind and want an anti-roll bar? Now S.P.S. has an unwelded kit that uses our designed and tested components. Same parts as above in unwelded form.