Cavalier/Sunfire Components


  • $1595.00 add $275.00 for tubular control arm upgrade

    Our newest offering!
    Based on the success of the kits for the Calais, Achieva and Grand Am, this meets the rising popularity of the Cavalier and Sunfire in drag racing.


    1. bolt in stock location
    2. jig welded construction from chrome moly tubin
    3. NHRA/IHRA legal using factory modified components
    4. all front end geometry pre-calculated and set for you, including
      castor, camber and bump steer
    5. extra wide frame rails for added pan and header clearance
    6. narrow tread width for fender to trio clearance at low ride heights
    7. just add Smith/Strange GT struts to complete the front end

    Compatible with SPS tubular control arms. NHRA/IHRA Super Stock legal, the tubular control arms save important unsprung weight! Find them here.

  • $200.00

    NHRA legal pre-fit replacement fire wall.

  • $465.00/pr

    Special to Cavalier and Sunfire are these offset lightweight bolt-in strut mounts designed to locate GT strut for correct caster and camber and wheel offset. NHRA approved and bolt in to factory strut tower location. The kit comes complete with spherical locating balls and all hardware to mount GT strut to strut tower. “NEW” is the spherical upper ball mounts used for increased location accuracy and zero bind throughout the full strut travel. Upper cup doubles as upper spring locator.

A variety of race components for the
Chevrolet Cavalier/Pontiac Sunfire
are currently being engineered.

Check out the Grand-Am portion online to get an
idea of what SPS can engineer for your J-Body car

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