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       "Your typical F.J. Smith piece --- excellence.  It literally fell together during construction.  It's my fifth F.J. car.  Every time he builds me a car he seems to out- do himself.  I don't think the guys that work for F.J. get the credit they deserve for  the work they do.  The way they engineer things -- they do an outstanding job."
- Wally Clark

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sunfire01.jpg (57600 bytes)
Victoria Smith
sunfire02.jpg (68962 bytes)
Victoria Smith
sunfire03.jpg (59969 bytes)
Victoria Smith
sunfire04.jpg (44389 bytes)
Victoria Smith
sunfire05.jpg (87816 bytes)
Victoria Smith
sunfire06.jpg (41821 bytes)
Victoria Smith
*photo by Roger Richards
Victoria_GBNatl.jpg (39735 bytes)
Victoria Smith
s10fjbk.jpg (24112 bytes)
Victoria Smith

Wally.JPG (67381 bytes)
Wally Clark

Bertozzi.jpg (31823 bytes)
Anthony Bertozzi
*photo by Roger Richards

fbsilveusbk.JPG (23990 bytes)
Jerry Silveus

scotttruck.JPG (49121 bytes)
Joe Scott
gene.jpg (64751 bytes)
Gene Emes
s10nailbk.JPG (20425 bytes)
Larry Nail



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